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 Special drains made from aluminium and stainless steel

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Drain siphon verdaguer

Drain siphon verdaguer
Reference ModelSize (mm)Ø TubeDrain Surface
SVERD1SIFON VERDAGUER300X200X10075mm18000 l/h100m2

Aluminium drains

Aluminium drains jamys
Aluminium drains jamys
ReferenceModelSize (mm)Ø TubeDrainRecommended surface size
000101Super200 x 200 110mm 24000 l/h132 m2
000102-1-150 x 150 75mm 12000 l/h75 m2
000103-2-110 x 110 50mm 6000 l/h 32 m2
000104-3-75 x 75 75mm 2500 l/h-

This type of drain design and resistance allows for road traffic (heavy foot traffic)

Anti-refluxdrain traps

Anti-refluxdrain traps jamys Anti-refluxdrain traps jamys
ReferenceModelSize (mm)Ø TubeDrainRecommended surface size
000107Anti-reflux200 x 200110mm24000 l/h132 m2

Jamys drains (stainless steel AISI-316)

A drain designed with an exclusive cascade system, which enhances the discharge of water compared to traditional systems.

Jamys drains
stainless steel AISI - 316
Jamys drains
Jamys drains
ReferenceModelSize (mm)Ø (mm) Height (mm) A. wiht Tube (mm)
24231610 316100x10040mm 5585
242317 15 316 150x15050mm5585
242605Ten 90 degrees tube with lateral exit100x10040mm55 105

* Model 10/316 was created with stainless steel AISI 316, providing better resistance under severe conditions, marine environments, heavy industry pollutants, chemical products etc. For example, the coating of la Torre Mapfre in building in Barcelona uses 600 TN of stainless steel AISI 316.

Yields maximum resistance against pitting, it contains special austenitic types with high levels of mobdileno AISI 316.

AISI 316 austenitic (Cromo, Niquel) and similar elements reduce corrosion.

The aggressiveness of the ambience and the temperature of work (for example, marine ambiences, high chemical corrosion,) will make its efficacy clearer.

Drainpipe Jamys Pla (stainless steel, AISI-316)

Drainpipe Jamys Pla stainless steel AISI-316
Drainpipe Jamys Pla
ref.242405 E
Drainpipe Jamys Pla
ReferenceModelSize (mm) Ø Tube (mm) Height (mm)
242405 10 PLA 100x100 40 63
24240 E 10 PLA E 100x100 40 63

Drainpipe ECO 10 (stainless steel, AISI-304)

Drainpipe ECO 10
ref.ECO 10
Drainpipe ECO 10
Reference Model Size (mm) Ø Tube (mm) Height (mm) A. wiht Tube (mm)
ECO 10 ECO 10 100x100 50 68 100