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Fire protection items (ventilation grids and intumescent Collaríns)

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RF fire protection EI-120 Intumescent Vents

RF fire protection

The intumescent vents and Collaríns are made for installation in doors and walls as prevention to the spread of fire between two distinct zones.These intumescent items can be found in the images below: round, square or rectangular.

Each intumescent vent and Collaríns consists of plastic cases, full of intumescent strips.
Certification Applus N 4040728
Trial Applus

· Always install vertically with a material of equal fire resistance of the vent.

Characteristics and instructions for installation:
· Avoid contact with water
· Does not require maintenance
· The amount of air is between 65% and 75%
· The intumescent material expands at a temperature of 100C+

Reference Model Size (mm) AxL
RI1010 Intumescent vent 100x100
RI1515 Intumescent vent 150x150
RI2020 Intumescent vent 200x200
RI2525 Intumescent vent 250x250
RI3020 Intumescent vent 300x200
RI3030 Intumescent vent 300x300
RI3050 Intumescent vent 300X500
RI4020 Intumescent vent 400X200
RI4040 Intumescent vent 400X400
RI5050 Intumescent vent 500X500
RID098 Intumescent vent Ø 98
RID123 Intumescent vent Ø 123
RID148 Intumescent vent Ø 148
RID160 Intumescent vent Ø 160
RID180 Intumescent vent Ø 180

* For other sizes please contact us


Intumescent Collaríns firebreaks RF EI2 240' for tubes: PVC, high pressure, PE, PP and ABS.

Intumescent Collaríns firebreaks RF
Reference Model
CI0090 Collarín RF EI2 240' Ø 90
CI0110 Collarín RF EI2 240' Ø 110
CI0125 Collarín RF EI2 240' Ø 125
CI0140 Collarín RF EI2 240' Ø 140
CI0160 Collarín RF EI2 2240' Ø 160
CI0200 Collarín RF EI2 240' Ø 200

The Collaríns Sleev-it are certified according to the standard EN1366-32009 Warrington and according to BS 476 Part 20: 1987, for times of 2 to 4 hours depending on pipe resistance.
· uPVC
· uPVC high pressure
· Polipropileno
· Polietileno
· Abs
With fire, it expands to a temperature of 150 C, sealing the tube hole. If it hangs on the wall, it is necessary to install a Collarín on each side. If you install in a forged material, only one Collarín at the bottom of this one. Sizes fabricated up to 530mm in diameter.